As a Senator and presidential candidate, President Obama was an outspoken advocate of proper Armenian Genocide recognition and swift action to stop the Darfur Genocide. Unfortunately, since his election, he has not kept his promise on either issue. Below, take a look at his campaign pledges and his record as president to date and then, TAKE ACTION!.


Senator and Presidential Candidate Barack Obama on the Armenian Genocide and Darfur Genocide

WATCH Senator Obama discuss the facts of the Armenian Genocide.

WATCH presidential candidate Obama's video op-ed on the Darfur Genocide.

READ presidential candidate Obama's pledge for "unstinting resolve" to end the Darfur Genocide.

READ presidential candidate Obama's pledge to recognize the Armenian Genocide | January, 2008.

READ the Obama Campaign factsheet on the U.S. - Armenia Relations | Issued October 30, 2008.

READ Senator Obama's letter to Sec. of State Rice expressing concern about the firing former U.S. Amb. to Armenia John Evans.

READ Senator Obama's letters to Pres. Bush urging him to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

DOWNLOAD the complete Obama File on Armenian Genocide Recognition.


President Barack Obama on the Armenian Genocide and Darfur Genocide

READ President Obama's 2009 Statement on "Armenian Remembrance Day" where he fails to properly recognize the murder of 1.5 million Armenians as 'genocide'. | April 24, 2009

READ President Obama's 2010 Statement on "Armenian Remembrance Day" where, once again, he uses euphemistic language regarding the Armenian Genocide. | April 24, 2010

READ New York Times columnist Nick Kristoff's overview of "Obama's Failure in Sudan" published August 28, 2010.

READ the August 25, 2010 New York Times ad, placed by the Sudan Action Now coalition - including Genocide Intervention Network, Save Darfur, Investors Against Genocide, and the Enough Project, among others - urging President Obama to "Keep the Promise" on ending the violence in Darfur.

READ the Enough Project's August 19, 2010, report, titled "Avoiding the Train Wreck in Sudan: U.S. Leverage for Peace," giving common sense policy advice on decisive action the Obama Administration can take to end the violence in Sudan.

READ concerns by anti-genocide advocacy groups about the Obama Administration's "lack of urgency" in dealing with the crisis in Darfur (published August 9, 2010).


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